março 26, 2014

Nut candies in America and Brazil.

Curious and fun facts about Brazil


Nut candies in America and Brazil.

American pralines from South Carolina.

Pralines is a recipe brought to America from French people. Made of pecans and cane sugar syrup is similar to the Brazilian peanut candy below.

Brazilian peanut candy, peanut brittle.

Pé-de-moleque is a very popular peanut candy in the northeast of Brazil. Made of roasted peanut and panela, which is a raw sugar made from cane syrup.

The term "moleque" in Portuguese means boy, or being more specific an urchin or brat. And the word "pé" means foot. Pé-de-moleque means something like urchin's foot which it's a reference to the historical Brazilian streets made with local stones.

Tiradentes is a historical city in Minas Gerais State.

Originally made with honey, it was introduced by Arabians in Portugal in the Middle Age. Later the Portuguese brought to Brazil and also India, where they call this candy "chikki".

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