março 05, 2014

Chicken eggs vs. quail eggs in Brazil.

Curious and fun facts about Brazil


Chicken eggs vs. quail eggs.
Quail eggs

Quails are very popular in Brazil as well as their eggs. The animal is a chicken-like, but smaller and less robust. It's an easy food to find at all grocery store around the country because of its aphrodisiac reputationIn the US you might find them in those Asian grocery stores, but the canned pickled version. Although we eat them regularly in Brazil I've never had those pickled. We used to eat them boiled instead.

This is a rich food known for being small and a great source of protein. It's a stronger eggshell full of spots. It has much more nutrients than regular chicken eggs Some as phosphorus, proteins, and vitamin A. It's also 5 times less weight than the chicken's egg. 

If you never saw those, check some pics I did last week.

A regular box in Brazil has 30 quail eggs.
Same price as 12 chicken eggs, US1.50 or R$3,49 (Reais)

The difference between chicken and quail eggs.

The variety of spots in quail eggs, and a rare spotless on the right.

Boiled chicken and quail egg.


- Calories
Chicken eggs - 82 cal
Quail eggs - 80 cal

- Cholesterol
Chicken eggs - 260 mg 
Quail eggs - 422 mg

- Proteins
Chicken eggs - 5.8 mg
Quail eggs - 6.5 mg

- Vitamin A
Chicken eggs - 40 mg
Quail eggs - 60 mg

- Phosphorus
Chicken eggs - 87 mg
Quail eggs - 112 mg

- Iron
Chicken eggs - 0.99 mg
Quail eggs - 1.85

- Calcium
Chicken eggs - 28 mg
Quail eggs - 31 mg

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