março 02, 2014

Goodness coconut water Do Bem from Brazil

Coconut water, only. It's possible!

Brazil, the most joyful country in the Earth, at least in the summer, and a week before Carnival. Also the best place in the World to drink coconut water, and I told you why in Brazilian coconut water brand. Now it's even better! A new brand without preservatives, sugar-free, corn-free, gluten-free, non-fermented.

The brand is Do Bem, translated by me as "from goodness". It's manually extracted, and they have all kinds of fruit juices. Also this coconut water, just coconut water! They say "it's possible" on the label. 

Real drinking
Made in Jaboticabal city, Sao Paulo State, it's packed and distributed in Rio de Janeiro city.

If you want to know more about their mission, vision, and lifestyle. Go there.

Instagram Do Bem

45 calories in each 8oz or 200ml

"How this box was made?

Everyday, passionate farmers bring the most beautiful coconuts to us. They go to our plant, and there we select those coconuts. The good ones stay. The bad ones ask to go out (as Capitan Nasciment - from Elite Squad movie - used to say.

Our most experts juicers extract the coconut water, manually, one by one. And for your happiness the coconut water goes to our colorful, innovated boxes from goodness. Only the most pure coconut water, nothing else.

Everything is made for you having no difficulty in opening a coconut and drinking only 45 calories in each cup.

It's a help for fitting in the old Denim from last Summer.

As your grandma used to say: My grandson, drink it!"

The brand started when the owner thought: "Why we can't do a juice with fresh fruits only. No sugar, no preservatives, no dyeing in a nice packages?"

The rest of this story you can read (in Portuguese) on the website Do Bem. It's something like this...

After Google the answer for making a juice with fresh fruits only, the guy finally quit his boring job. He made a frame with his tie, and decided to travel the world to learn more about drinking, juices, and advanced green technologies.

After all learning process, he came back to Brazil decided to make it happen. Now it's a rule at Do Bem company. Each new employee decide what (from the old job/life) he/she wants to make a frame with. It needs to be a thing they needed in the past, and also hate it.

They do have a few odds things on the wall. Including a tie, a watch, few badges, but just because they say isn't allowed to frame the real boss. Believe it, many people have insisted. But, please, no!

More Brazilian jokes from their website.

"We've got, again. The first Brazilian pink juice in the box. Orange, carrots and beets, a classic mixing."
Kindly called: C'mon my tanned.

"The juice, squeezed fruit."
Never from concentrated.

- carbohydrates 11 g or 4%
- sodium 41 mg or 2%
- iron 0,88 mg or 6%
- phosphorus 59 mg or 8%
- magnesium 40 mg or 15%
- potassium 300 mg

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