julho 06, 2013

Stephen Colbert talking about Brazil and World Cup 2014

Stephen Colbert knows American people don't care for other countries in the world, unless if they have oil. Even he is aware what is happen in Brazil. Something started with a Soccer World Cup, or 10 cents increase in public transportation, but what else?

He doesn't understand why the most joyful country in the Earth is angry, maybe because something wrong with their wax style? What about let it go style? But he agrees with Brazilians, billions expended in soccer? Why they don't use their hands?

Maybe the Latin American report can help. Well not so fast, he is Mexican, and Mexicans don't know about Brazil. They know as much as the Americans know, Pelé, Carmen Miranda and Jesus statue. He was not helpful, but he show the Brazilian man stereotype with tanned women dancing samba.

Finally the interview gets serious (almost) when he invites the NY Times Brazil former, and writer Larry Rother to explain the situation.

Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did psychology college as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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