julho 28, 2013

Decoration for Men

A few weeks ago I was in a birthday party of a friend of mine, when I saw in the bathroom that a bottle of Smirnoff vodka turned into dispenser for liquid soap.

As I was embarrassed to take pictures of my friend's bathroom, I put this pic of Jack Daniel's to illustrate it!

It's been a while I began to notice that many men, especially below 35 years and regardless of sexuality, are caring increasingly demarcate their spaces indoors. It's known that "theoretically" because historical and cultural issues, the house has female environments (kitchen, laundry, bathroom, couple bedroom, living room) and male environments (single room, office, space for barbecue and a small space for videogame and tv  in the bookshelf). However we note the growth of the environments and decoration products geared to men. If the men of previous generations think home is the subject of women, those from yGen onwards participate in the choice of the color of the pans, material curtain of the room, layout of the dining room, brand washing machine, crafts and etc. This new attitude helps them to be more careful and participatory with the house as it is a way for them to speak "this is my home too!".

Example of man trying to mark his presence in the territory dominated by his mother/sister/friend/wife.

We are experiencing many changes that are gradually breaking barriers of conservatism, through questions about the new social roles. I won't delve into the theme "the new meaning of family"  because it deserves a new post, and the focus of this text is to show cuddly examples of decoration for men.

Project signed by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi makes the aluminum bottle of the beer Skol (Ambev) turn into a cruet. More products here in portuguese.

The motto of Fashioneira is #GoodbyeTackyDishcloth. Now dishcloths no longer need to have themes about floral, fruits and D'angola chicken that moms and grandmas love!

Mafia Style!

"Welcome" carpet.

Engineering Feeling.

Design Feeling.

This hanger is EVERYTHING in the wardrobe of a man!

References (in portuguese):

I'm not intended to sell any product here, mainly because I'm not making any money with these posts. Just wanna share the good ideas I can find as a designer.

Caroline: Graphic designer, specialized in textile surfaces by experience, and researcher of design & behavior trends and animated gifs (and other LoL stuffs). She repaired many print patterns  as a trainee, works with automotive customers, but hasn't bought a car yet. Almost went to IT area, but narrowly escaped! WHEW!

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