julho 25, 2013

Free tax weekend is coming

The first weekend of Augsut is coming! Which means if you have kids, you'll need school supplies. If you don't have, is the perfect timing for a new pair of jeans, or a computer. Anyways, enjoy the weekend without taxes.

Take a look to find your place, dates and item. You must be prepared for crowd and lines.

State (Or Capital)Items IncludedPeriodDays
Alabamaclothing, computers, school supplies, books1st weekend in August3
Arkansasclothing, school supplies, books1st weekend in August2
Connecticutclothing3rd week in August7
District of Columbiaclothing, school suppliesAugust and November9
Floridaclothing, school supplies, books2nd week in August3
Georgiaclothing, school supplies, computers1st weekend of August4
Iowaclothing1st weekend of August2
Louisianaall TPP - $2,500, hurricane preparedness items - $1,500, firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies1st weekend of September2
Massachusettsschool supplies, computers, sports equipment, health & beauty aid2nd weekend of August2
Marylandclothing & footwearAugust 14–207
Energy star productsFeb. 19-21, 20113
Missouriclothing, school supplies, computers1st weekend in August3
New Mexicoclothing, school supplies, computers1st weekend of August3
North Carolinaclothing, school supplies, computers, sport equipment1st weekend of August3
Oklahomaclothing1st weekend of August3
South Carolinaclothing, school supplies, computers1st weekend of August3
Tennesseeclothing, school supplies, computers1st weekend of August3
Texasclothing, diapers, backpacks, school supplies3rd weekend of August3
Virginiaclothing, school supplies, green appliances, hurricane preparedness itemsMay, August, October3

Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did Psychology College as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for a while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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