julho 16, 2013

Unreal Candy

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Candies that are not junk food. That can't be real, right?


UNREAL™ is a new candy brand that decided to solve one of mankind's biggest dilemmas: Why so many delicious things are also bad for your health??

The ideia was born when a 13 year-old boy (surprising? Not really, if you consider this is the public with the major interest) frustrated by collecting all his Halloween candy just to watch his father get rid of them - decided to research and check if the argument that "these candies are bad for you" was really valid.

During his research, he found out that the worst ingredients on candies weren't there to make them tastier... they were there to make it cheaper - or competitive, as some would rather say.

Since then, the idea of bringing back the natural ingredients and making candies without coloring, conservatives, and other artificial ingredients gained strength and now the company is producing healthy versions of US most famous candies.

I didn't find them in my trip to US last year, but I believe the next time will be easier. And I sure hope some time soon they bring these little treasures to Brazil! After all, we do have most of the natural ingredients here, right?

While I still haven't tasted the unreal, I'll recommend you do as Gisele Bundchen and Matt Damon, and check it out with your own eyes.

Valéria Carvalho: product designer, works in the design studio of an automotive company. Interested in studying trends, conscious consumption, semiotics, education, and some other things that can help make the world a better place.

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  1. Mostrei pra minha colega e ela morreu de rir com o "unjunked" candy. Achou o preço muito bom, pois aqui eles esperam sempre um produto especial ser muito caro. =)

  2. Legal!
    No vídeo eles falavam mesmo sobre cobrar um preço justo. Até porque, para que as pessoas mudem seus hábitos o produto tem que ser acessível. É bom saber que estão mantendo o compromisso. :)


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