julho 30, 2013

Facebook charges UK for messages to Rafinha Bastos

Facebook is charging for messages? NO!

Facebook is charging for direct messages to famous people in the United States since 2012. Since April they are charging Brazil and UK as well. The list I've found in The Sunday Times shows one Brazilian guy, Rafinha Bastos. In 2011 he was considered the most influent person in social media in Brazil because of his huge numbers on twitter. So, of course he needed a price as well.

Americans don't know him, but he's got know when the Internet Research Group found he came well ahead President Obama and Conan O'Brien. Mr. Bastos has long had a reputation as an early adopter of technology, and he is a pioneer of stand-up comedy in Brazil.

“The Internet is my home,” Mr. Bastos said during a long, relaxed interview for NY Times. “I’m a creature and creation of the Internet, and I’m very proud of that. The Internet made it possible for me to construct my career the way I wanted to.”

The intrepid collects processes for offending people with his acid and clever style. Born and raised in Porto Alegre, a city "in the middle of nowhere" as he explains. He studied journalism in college there before winning a scholarship in 99 to play basketball in the US. He ended up in Nebraska, at Chadron State College, and to stay in touch with friends back home he began to email jokes of Brazilian pop culture figures.

Since then he started a 300-seat stand-up club called Comedians. Where you can watch him making jokes, about his marriage for example:

“A wedding is a much happier occasion for a woman than for a man. It’s not by accident that at the ceremony she wears white and he wears black."

“Men were not born for long-lasting relationships. Why do you think a dog is a man’s best friend? Because it’s a faithful companion? No, because the damn thing dies in 14 years.”

Watch here his performance at his club in Sao Paulo city.

DVD “The Art of the Insult” - Rafinha Bastos

More here in his youtube channel, in Portuguese of course.

Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She's studied Psychology College as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for a while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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