janeiro 20, 2014

An ice cream city in Brazil

Curious and fun facts about Brazil


Salvador is an ice cream city.

Pelourinho Square

In the late 1980s, while a renovation in Salvador's Pelourinho neighborhood, Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi said she feared that the historic Salvador downtown would turn into an "ice cream city." In other words, the sort of place that has no residents, just people who come to have some ice cream an then go back home.

"Just as Lina predicted, Pelourinho is becoming precisely this: there are no more family houses, but instead bars, stores and shops selling handcrafts."  Over 20 years later, Sao Paulo architect called Arthur Casas Novas has taken inspiration from Bo Bardi for a big project of restoration. The revitalization of an area of 36,600 square feet that spans three of Pelourinhos's square. " We want to reverse this process," says him, an famous for designing interior. He won a Brazilian competition promoted by the Institute of Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Bahia, and now is debuting in the field of urban planning.

Come, grab an ice cream and go back  home.
Pelourinho was the place where Michael Jackson sang They Don't Care About Us song.

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