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Brazilians' like to eat a kind of sand food

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Brazilians' like to eat a kind of sand food

Made with manioc flour, oil, bacon, raisin, eggs, onion, and herbs.

A culinary tradition in Brazil has a food made of manioc called "farofa". If you don't know how pronunce, the English far off sounds just like this word. It's the only product that can be found everywhere in Brazil. Also allows you to prepare a big variety of meals like: beiju, polvilho, puba, tapioca, tucupi...

The most interesting reactions from non-Brazilians about the "farofas" made with manioc flour is when they try it. They usually say: "Do you guys really enjoy this? It's like having sand in your mouth." But some time later people started searching for crunchy salt elements for creating new combinations. And we already have them.

History behind the food says it was created in the colonial period of Brazil to be served with meat, chicken, or fish. The main ingredient, the manioc flour, it's also a main ingredient for Brazilian Indigenous since before the Portuguese discovered the country. Nowadays it's a traditional stuffing ingredient for using on Christmas turkey, or served in everyday meals with rice, beans, meat and salad.

Christmas turkey stuffed with " farofa".

Traditional Brazilian meal includes rice, beans, meat "farofa", salad and veggies.

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