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World Heritage site lesser-known in Brazil

Curious and fun facts about Brazil


A lesser-known World Heritage site in Brazil.

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Sao Cristovao is one of 18 cities known as World Heritage sites. It's the 4th oldest Brazilian cities since January, 1st of 1590. Right there in the middle of the road from Salvador to Olinda, stands a treasure from the colonial period in Brazil.

Far away from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is Salvador, and then Olinda.
The small Sao Cristovao was built in the late 16th century, precisely to connect the most important cities of that era, and it was then the state of Sergipe Del Rey. It was a Hispanic name, and the reason what UNESCO has include its Sao Francisco Square on the list of World Heritage sites. At the time of its construction, the kingdoms of Portugal ans Spain were united under the command of King Philip, and the work took a blended characteristics of the colonies of both countries. There you can find the Plaza Mayor, a common meeting space in Spanish-American cities, as well as typical Portuguese buildings.

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