dezembro 09, 2013

Now at Haywood Mall Eyebrow Threading, for your sensitive skin.

Eyebrow Threading

Because you are allergic to wax and cremes is not an excuse to running away from hair removing. Not anymore. Last week I was browsing those stores at Greenville Haywood Mall, when I found this magic place called Eyebrow Centre Threading.

Eyebrow threading is an ancient technique for removing hair using a thin (cotton or polyester) thread. It's doubled, then twisted. Works perfectly removing all unwanted hair in your face by plucking the hair at the follicle level. Most people believe threading originated in India over 6000 years ago and spread throughout Asia. Now we just have in Greenville, SC.

Need more advantage? Here they are.

- Threading is the most precise way to remove hair. This technique allows you to take a line of hair out at a time and therefore creates a more defined shape.

- Waxing can burn you and also take off top layesrs of healthy skin.

- Threading is dermatologist approved for those with sensitive skin and those on skin thinning acne medications, such as Acutance and Retina, because the technique is non-invasive and does not irritate the skin.

- Hair does not grow back as fast compared to waxing or tweezing.

- Hair does not need to be as long compared to waxing or tweezing.

This is Morgan Fuhrman working on a friend's chin.
Prices are pretty good, though.

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