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Jerry Lewis acting in a Brazilian movie, Till luck do us - part 2

Till luck do us - part 2

Leandro Hassum a Brazilian actor was privileged for working with Jerry Lewis in his next movie, Till Luck Do Us - part 2. The movie is a comedy which was filmed in Rio de Janeiro and Las Vegas. This film has another special player, Anderson Silva the Brazilian mixed martial artist and former UFC Middleweight Champion.

A interesting fact about the backstage was the horrible back-pain the Brazilian comedian had after filming with Lewis. The American comedian may not know, but he was a reference for many kids in Brazil. Every one in their 40's used to watch his movies on TV. Almost everyday after school in a show called "Afternoon Show" which still exists (Sessão da Tarde in Portuguese). This show is almost synchronized with the timing children come back from school. Just in time for parents going back work and leave their kids at home watching TV, before doing the homework. They always play old school movies, light comedies, family movies, seasonal films, so and so. Thirty years ago Jerry Lewis was the most watched movie after lunch, and I know because I was one of those kids.

Leandro was so tense while playing with his idol that was necessary taking many pills after all four scenes with him. The pressure increased because Jerry's producer made all those usual requests for the Brazilian troop. "Nobody can touch, talk, or look directly to Jerry Lewis eyes, except for the actor who is playing with him, but only while playing the scenes. No one can ask for a photo, neither an autograph." We know is usual, maybe necessary, but still scary, though. This situation added a bunch of anxiety, although made a memorable day in the Brazilian actor's life.

He told "I almost cried when Jerry said I was doing something wrong in one of those scenes with him." Also because they were told Lewis was playing no more than once each part. "Can you imagine my stress level? He is an icon!" Leandro thoughts were like, "OMG, I'm screwed!" But the American superstar was very nice helping Leandro a little. He showed the young actor how make the joke more interesting when the money fells. "You should make them fell without looking until the last bill, then you look down.", said Jerry.

Jerry Lewis and Leandro Hassum.

So far, Leandro is the only American Latin's actor who played with Jerry Lewis. He proudly shows gifts sent from Jerry next day. A silver pen with Jerry's famous brand (his face) on it, a photograph with a dedication and an autograph.

"Leo, your're great. Jerry Lewis."

 Watch here the trailer.

Till Luck Do Us Part 2 (2013)

"Até que a Sorte nos Separe 2" (original title)

Comedy  -  27 December 2013 (Brazil)




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