dezembro 26, 2013

Easy dessert, chocolate covered chewy bananas

Easy and last minute dessert. Delicious!

Chocolate covered dried bananas.


- 2 packs of chewy dried bananas from Brazil (like this here) Oven dried bananas, gluten-free, sugar-free, 100% bananas, but you can find it from other countries as well.
- 1 bar of good quality organic dark chocolate

If you don't know this kind  of product, check out the photos. The whole banana was dried in a oven to keep the chewy taste and the banana appearance. I have a friend who does by herself, and it's pretty good too.

How make it:

Cut those bananas in small cubes like.

Micro oven the chocolate until it melts, and put the "cubes" in.

Take it out with a fork and repeat until is done.

Wait it dries out. If you are in a rush, put int the refrigerator to dry faster. May be necessary to keep in the refrigerator, or far away from chocolate addicts.

Sorry, I had to stop photos... the vegan hubby was eating all, even before the party.

Oh, well, it's a success already!

By the way, my neighbor, who doesn't like bananas, love it. Because this specie  of banana it's a different one. In the US you most find the Cavendish group, the Musa acuminata and this Brazilian specie is a Musa acuminata × balbisiana.

Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did psychology college as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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