outubro 27, 2013

GMOs and food allergies

Robyn O'Brien blog.

Robyn O’Brien was a financial and food industry analyst whose life was turned upside down by her daughters’ sudden allergy-induced illness. Robyn’s love of her kids led her to take an honest look at our food system. What she discovered changed her life forever. She went on to found AllergyKids, and to become one of the most formidable forces in the food movement today.
With her wildly popular TED talks, books, magazine columns, and her online advocacy, Robyn has become what the New York Times called “food’s Erin Brockovich“. What she’s uncovered about food allergies – and GMOs – will rock your world!

On October 25th in the GMO Mini Summit, her speach was very inspirational for who has kids with food allergies. Few nice points she's reached yesterday:

"The increasing of food allergies graphic matches exactly with the graphic of GMO food were introduced in our life. Cancer in the US nowadays is about 41% people. One in each 2 men, and one in each 3 women are having cancer. Most of them ask doctors if there are anything they can change in their diet to help fighting against cancer."

But if you've missed Robyn O'Brien speach don't worry, they've saved for us.

CLICK HERE and look for her (Replay botton besides here photo)

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