outubro 24, 2013

Anti Cellulite Denim

Hey girls! It's not a dream! It's real and you can buy it soon!

Women warriors! Let's fight cellulite with fashion!

The Brazilian fashion skulls designer Alexandre Herchcovitch brings in his Winter collection, which will be presented on November 8 during Fashion Rio, the first denim clothes with Emana Denim technology. The effect of this technology is created by a polyamide yarn with bioactive crystals that absorb heat from the human body and return it in the form of infrared rays. These rays penetrate and interact with the skin, stimulating cell metabolism.

Studies together with companies Rhodia, Institute Kosmoscience and Herchcovitch, show that this technology increases the elasticity of the skin and helps fight cellulite, but to give a result, the clothing must be used for 30 consecutive days and six hours daily. Emana Denim was launched worldwide in 2011 and is currently only used in sportswear and lingerie.

The prediction of the coming of this collection is in stores by the end of the first half of 2014!!!

Women go crazy with this happy news!

You can understand a little more about this technology in the video below!

I found this precious news on UseLojas.

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