maio 21, 2014

Mc Donald's has the Brazilian preferred meal.

Mc Donald's just launch the American version of the Brazilian most traditional dish over there. It calls PF, which stands out for "Prato Feito" in Portuguese. It's the basic meal in the whole country, and it can be compared with the cheese burger for the Americans, or the the pasta for the Italians.

This is a strategic idea to get the C class into the Mc concept, because most of the meddle class still like the simple, and (most important) the traditional. Also because Brazilians really need a meal for lunch. Not a sandwich, and I'm included in this category.

If the idea is to get the C class it's perfect because they want to be included in everything they see on TV, or American movies. And the expensive price? R$23.00, or US10.40 Don't worry, they will figure it out how pay double for a half of the flavor they can get from the restaurant cross the street.

The traditional Brazilian PF.

More about Brazil and food you can read here.

Brazilians' like to eat a kind of sand food.

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