abril 05, 2014

Organic sugar cane from Brazil

Native organic sugar cane, Brazil.

What a big surprise when a saw a organic sugar cane on the restaurant table in Brazil! It was one of these amazed days when you find this people doing better not just to them, but for others, and the Earth.

Native group produces in Brazil 20% of all organic sugar you find in the world. They started selling internationally years ago and in 2009 85% of their production used to be sold in South Korea, France, Spain, and Portugal. Nowadays you find at Whole Foods as well.

Nature products, organic product from Brazil.
This has 5g or 0.17oz of pure natural sugar cane.

Each package has an animal, and its history on the back.

Some animals are almost extinct because irregular hunting.
This on the left lives in their farms only because their organic crops.
If you like to know more go to www.nativealimentos.com.br

This product also seems to use a modern and natural way to produce cane. It has a biological control of pests besides the harvest without burned-over land. Believe me, its happen in Brazil still.

It has plenty Brazilian certifications. USDA is there too.

  • Organic
    • SISORG - Sistema Brasileiro de Avaliação da Conformidade Orgânica
    • IBD - Instituto BioDinâmico - Brasil IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
    • ECOCERT International França/Alemanha EEC (European Economic Community)
    Social and environmental
    • Programa IBD para Relações Justas em Comércio de Produtos com Certificação Socioambiental
    • Rainforest Alliance Certified
    • KOSHER PARVE - Rabbi M.A. Iliovits Brazilian Kashrus Authority

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