abril 08, 2014

Cheek kiss in Brazil

Curious and fun facts about Brazil


Who you should cheek kiss in Brazil.

Going to Brazil for World Cup? Don't know if is appropriate cheek kiss a strange over there?

Easy answer. If is a girl involved... Yes, it will have a cheek kiss.

Well, how many?

Now we are getting somewhere... This is the most important question to ask. Brazilians have different greetings for each state. They are 26 states and the Brazilian Federal District. So, how you know? Brazilians don't know by memory. Don't even try to pretend you know because you will get embarrassed waiting for a kiss. Or you will leave a girl discomposed expecting your move.

Check this map below, and stopping guessing right now.

One lipstick smear means one cheek kiss, #2 and a lipstick smear means two kisses,
#3 and a lipstick smear means three kisses. Each kiss in each side cheek, and repeat for more kisses.

You also may like to watch the full video made to explain how to cheek kiss. It will be nice to go to Brazil a bit more prepared.

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