abril 19, 2014

The trunk grape which last one day only, the jabuticaba

Curious and fun facts about Brazil


The trunk cherry which last one day only.

The delicious "jabuticaba", trunk grape, or trunk cherry.

In my childhood we use to take a train for a quick trip to go to a place where we could rent a tree for what they used to call "all you can eat and harvest". That place near Belo Horizonte city was a small farm with many 6 feet unique trees from Brazil. On that season These trees were full of a type of grapes attached to their trunk and branches. It used to be an adventure for me and my cousins.

This Brazilian grape tree is called "jabuticabeira" (jabuticaba tree), and this fruit "jabuticaba" [zhuh-boo-ti-kah-buh] is found basically in southeast states like Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo. The fruit has a beautiful super dark purple, almost like a black skin which is thicker than a grape skin. "Ploc" is the sound you'll hear when it's open in your mouth. Inside the jabuticaba fruit has a sweet white pulp with a couple seeds.

Jabuticaba tree with lots of fruits.

All stages of this delicious one inch diameter (average) fruit.

In nature, the tree gives flowers and fruits once a year. I know it because my parents have one 40 ft tree in the back yard. Unfortunately, this year we had no fruits for us, too much rain in a wrong time washed out all flowers and our hope for berries. The rain must be during the Brazilian summer (December to March), or they will kill the delicate flowers.

The trunk, the flowers, and a bee for you to find it!

People in the US often ask me why we don't see "jabuticabas" selling at groceries stores, even in Brazil. Because its fruits start to ferment within 2 or 3 days after harvest. So, if you are in Brazil, and if you see "jabuticabas" in a local market, try it because they probably won't be so good tomorrow.

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