abril 19, 2014

The trunk grape which last one day only, the jaboticaba

Curious and fun facts about Brazil


The trunk cherry which last one day only.

The delicious "jaboticaba", trunk grape, or trunk cherry.

In my childhood we use to take a quick trip go to a place were we could rent a tree for what they called "all you can eat an harvest". It was a small farm with those not so big trees, but full of black "a kind of grapes" attached to the trunk. It was a mysterious adventure day for me.

This Brazilian grape tree is called "jabuticabeira", and this fruit "jaboticaba" is found basically in southeast states like Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo. The fruit has a beautiful dark purple, almost black skin which is thicker than a grape skin. "Ploc" is the sound you'll hear when it's open in your mouth. Inside this fruit has a sweet white pulp with a couple seeds.

Jaboticaba tree with lots of fruits.

All stages of this delicious one inch diameter (average) fruit.

Usually the tree gives flowers and fruits once a year, and I know because my parents have it. But no fruits this year for us, because they had enough rain in a wrong time. It should be during the Brazilian summer, from December until March or they will kill the flowers.

The trunk, the flowers, and a bee for you to find it!

People ask why we don't easily see "jaboticabas" for selling at groceries stores. The reason is because this fruit starts to ferment with in 2 or 3 days after harvest. So, if you are in Brazil and see "jaboticabas" in a local market, buy a pound and eat it all because they probably not be there, or good tomorrow.

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