maio 05, 2014

Finding a good doctor

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Nowadays it's difficult to find a good doctor. Read carefully, I'm saying "a good", not amazing because those amazing may be extincted. But, just in case you don't get it... What is a good doctor?

It may be a person who listen to you, and your problem. This has to do with more time, but not only. It's more about care and respect for those who pay your salary.

The old style to find good professionals still up. The "word of mouth" is very important, so use it!

In case you don't want talk about your problem with friends and colleagues. Find a social media, joining a group helps with this process.

Other option is a discussion forum. You must be impressed about how many they are, and how they help people with all conditions. 

In case you need, Dr. Richard E Parnell Jr is a chiropractic practice that treats patients in the Greenville SC area.

Dr. Richard E Parnell Jr is located at:
1427 Laurens Rd # D
Greenville, SC 29607

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