maio 04, 2014

Going bananas about racism

This post is about a campaign is taking place in Brazil #somostodosmacacos, or #weareallmonkeys in English. It happen as an answer to the offensive behavior the soccer crowd during the games. As you may know, Brazilians play in European teams during the year, and this racism is occurring over there. 

While the dark skin guys are playing the crowd makes monkey noises, gestures, and also tossing bananas to him. This behavior has being discussed since 2005 in Europe, but a couple weeks someone decided to eat that banana. Now we have a massive marketing campaign against racist in Brazil. Not only in soccer, or sports, but for all places where we still have people from different races getting together. 

After all they decided to send a message, "if you can't beat racism, just eat it". Of course it was the funny (and Brazilian) way to deal with this uncomfortable subject. Also making more noise than those stupid soccer crowd.

Neymar's photo with his son (YES) went viral in seconds. Also many other artists pics on Instagram.

#weareallmonkeys #somostodosmacacos 

Argentine striker Sergio Aguero and footballer Marta Vieira da Silva

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Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did psychology college as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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