maio 15, 2014

Not to go restaurant if you have food allergy, Fogo de Chão

I thought, if the restaurant is expensive and famous in America they will care for my food allergy. Wrong!

Also because I emailed them before asking if they could accommodate my demand. Well, they may care, right? No, it's wrong again.

But how about if I speak with the manager about my special need? You know what? It does not matter. They just didn't care.

My post suppose to be about some fancy foods I saw there, but no. It's just to let you know they can't deal with food allergies in a appropriated way. So, be careful if you have allergies, and you are thinking to go there.

Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did psychology college as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.
All material on this CORN FREE session is intended for reference only and should not take place of medical advice from a license practitioner. Please use common sense, do your own research, and consult your physician when making decisions about your health.

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