maio 28, 2014

His suit is black, a prejudice in Brazil.

Pretty Woman movie.

Prejudice happens to a Brazilian woman all the time. I won't talk about the big obvious sexism which is wearing pretty deep cleavage to get "whatever you want babe", but the untold fact that life is worse for woman who decide to have a job in Brazil. 

It's pretty obvious we receive from 18% to 30% less than men, which is exactly like in the US. Which means less salary, less bonuses, less income, and we also have less access to executive jobs, management posts, or important decisions in the company.

Said that we should add the fact that women in Brazil are also responsible for every single work in their house, and every crucial family's decision which include their kids. Oh boy, at least in the US a man supposed to help solving problems with housework, and car.

As if this weren't enough, when a woman try to get a service during a week day they chose take care of the man in black first. Wondering when?

  • Restaurants, waiters will be faster to attend the neighbor's table.
  • Hotels, luggage's guy will take their bags first, very often they seems playing pica boo with us.
  • Parking lots, be aware, your car will be the second to come even if you were the first in line.
  • Offices, everybody will freeze because your boss likes to work in an igloo.
  • Offices, the lady will manage the coffee maker, and proudly responsible for ordering food for everybody.
  • Flying, they fly first class, next time, just count how many women are setting there.
  • Training course, they may send the newbie guy instead a senior woman.

Of course those research institutes have a big lie to excuse the true, but it is what it is. You must share here your frustration if you had similar experience.

The usual excuse? They had ordered a simplest meal, they pay tips, or because their cars were in front of yours.

Wondering the true? Because they wear a black suit, and this is my polite answer for today.

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Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did psychology college as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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