fevereiro 11, 2014

Cigar Box Guitar still works for Sepultura, Nuno and Mc Arnold & Plate Full O'Blues.

The great Mc Arnold & Plate Full O'Blues.

Trace evidence of cigar box instruments exist from 1840 in those cotton fields and plantations in the South of United States. The earliest illustrated proof of a cigar box instrument known is from 1876 where two Civil War Soldiers are at a campsite with one playing a cigar box fiddle.

After the Civil War the African American people had a very difficult time trying to move on with lives together. This was when they created the Blues and many guitars with leftovers of wood. It was a passion for music and cigar box guitar were overflowing. 

Although handmade of oil can, people in Africa still making and playing a type of cigar box guitar. Few Brazilians were very interested in those instrument while they were there. Buying them to present on the night TV Show called Jo Soares.

Sepultura is a heavy metal band from Minas Gerais State (read more from Minas here) that bought a handcrafted oil can guitar in South Africa from a kid who actually did and was playing on the street.

Jo Soares TV show presented in 2002.

Nuno Mindelis is a famous Angolan-born Brazilian, blues guitarist and singer-songwriter. He also presented a handmade oil can guitar. Similar of the one he did and used to play before the the international fame as musician. He lost his oil can guitar in the Angola Civil War (1961-1974) before his mom move to Brazil for good.

Nuno Mindelis at Jo Soares TV show in 2013.

It's difficult seeing people playing professionally the cigar box guitar. Also the variety with oil or gas can just like Mc Arnold does. He was the best Traditional Male Artist for 2012, and still playing two of yours handmade gas can guitars. I was luck to be there one day.

Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did psychology college as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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