novembro 17, 2013

To all moms who are cooking for their corn-free, gluten-free child.

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A letter to all moms who spent time cooking a specific meal for their corn-free, gluten-free children,

Many times I've seen you feeling sorry because you can't spend time playing or talking with your kids, because you are in the kitchen cooking for them. So... DON'T!

This morning I was cooking a corn-free dessert for myself, and I thought "my comfort food is whatever my mom used to cook WITH us". Baking cookies, potatoes and chicken, casseroles, cakes, candy, omelets, turkey, fancy rice, simple pasta... this list goes on and on. I remember her handmade cook book and pictures. The kitchen was so tiny we had to use the table on the living room for eveybody. Can you imagine the mess? After all done, we always needed a shower. Only now I know my mom had to use the "shower time" to finish the recipe.

She also had issues with food, and we didn't notice until our late age. This was not an issue at home because cooking was our cozy time together. After while my dad had a health issue, and that was again, just ok for us. Cooking what my father could eat was also a challenge for us. I know our cookies had a terrible visual and taste, but he used to eat. I believe so... 

Today I see you moms complaining for cooking, or feeling sorry for doing that. I also see kids in front of the computers playing games. So, stop doing that! Engage them (boys also) in your cooking process. Even choosing, creating menus, buying, reading labels, preparing recipes, and cleaning. You will start building their self-esteem, skills, and also activating part in their brains for creating things with their little hands. Remember you are teaching creativity, focus, and showing them how to be able to do things by themselves.  You are empowering them for the future life with, ou wothout allergy.

It will take all day? Don't worry, it's taking already. This is just the way life is. 

If you don't feel sorry, they won't feel either. 

How I know that? After those years I'm now glad for knowing, and enjoying cook. I know many people who don't, or won't. They just eat what they can find in grocery stores, or restaurant. I feel sorry for them.

Nowadays, cooking makes me happy because I remember when we use to spend time together as family. 

Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did psychology college as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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