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How to keep your top talent.

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This article Jean Martin and Conrad Schmidt take a closer look at the six most common errors, and by highlighting what some organizations are doing right, we'll show what can be done to correct them.

Mistake 1
Assuming that high potentials are highly engaged.

Don't just assume they're engaged. If emerging leaders don't get stimulating work, lots of recognition, and the chance to prosper, they can quickly become disenchanted.

Mistake 2
Equating current high performance with future potential.

Don't mistake current high performance for future potential. Stars will have to step up into tougher roles. Explicitly test candidates for three critical attributes: ability, engagement, and aspiration.

Mistake 3
Delegating down the management of top talent.

Don't only limits stars' access to opportunities and encourages hoarding of talent. Manage the quantity and quality of high potentials at the corporate level.

Mistake 4
Shielding rising stars from early derailment.

Don't shield talent. Place stars in "live fire" roles where new capabilities can - or must - be acquired.

Mistake 5
Expecting star employees to share the pain.

Don't assume high potentials will take one for the team. A critical factor determining a rising star's engagement is the sense that she is being recognized - primarily through pay. So offer A players differentiated compensation and recognition.

Mistake 6
Failing to link your stars to your corporate strategy.

Don't keep young leaders in the dark. Share future strategies with them - and emphasize their role in making them real.

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Reference:  Jean Martin e Conrad Schmidt - Harvard Business Review OnPoint

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