outubro 12, 2015

It was all white on the eggs' shelves, wait, look again...

It's all white on the eggs' shelf world until a great idea came! What idea? Look again.

They are pasture-raised hens, living on 108 sq ft minimum per bird. Seriously? I'm from a country where many people are used to live in small houses, much smaller than these 10 square meters that those chickens have there. Also they are tended by hand and raised with respect. Ok, now I will keep my mouth shut now. lol

Now, you'll find those human raised eggs at Walmart too!

"We believe that everyone should have access to humanely raised foods. We’re pleased to announce that our Alfresco Eggs are now available at Walmart! Just Texas and Louisiana for now - but plan on growing steadily! Remember, a higher demand for ethical eggs = more farmers and flocks to add to the Vital Crew." From it's fanpage.

My gluten free experience during an international Delta flight

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