abril 06, 2015

My gluten free experience during an international Delta flight

As usual I request the special meal during my flights. Some companies are good, other are better, Delta is very good. They have kids, low sodium, no sugar, kosher, and many different options, more than 10 total.

The cool thing about this special meal is that you will receive this meal before anybody else. Same as the kids, and I think this keep them distracted while the service is running. Talking about it, if you are mom, remember that all food from the US have black pepper. So, if your kids don't like pepper this is one more reason for requesting a special food.

Back to my gluten free dinner, this is a photo of the feast.

Salad, sauce, bread, water, fruits and the meal.

A close up to the meal, chicken with sauce on top, rice below everything, carrots, broccoli, and red pepper.

Just in case you haven't notice, those black tiny dots in the sauce are black pepper. The appearance was fine, the smell was nice, and the taste was good. Nothing like the food we cook at home, but it was good for a 9 hours economical flight to a foreign country. The bread below is a famous brand in the US, and many people eat that. I don't for other allergenic products they use.

 Udi's, gluten free bread, wheat, dairy, soy and nut free.

I recommend you also bring some snacks, in case you don't like the option you get. And now let's go to the breakfast. Again mine was served first, with special tag where you can see my seat number (24B).

Juice, muffin and banana.

The spread had a little orange juice cup, a (most of the times safe) banana, and a double chocolate muffin. yumm, but again I don't eat that. So my option was to return or give to the kid besides me. Guess who was even happier with his chocolate muffin now?

If you are wondering if I have celiac disease, not that I'm aware of. But everything with gluten and its cousins made me think they don't like me anymore. Symptoms are sleepiness, brain fog, joint pain, stomach discomfort, bloating, etc. They don't happen right the way as the allergic reaction, it's more like a toxic reaction that accumulates over time of consumption. 

This was my experience, now tell me what were yours?

All Delta special meals are:

  • Asian vegetarian meal - only from or to Asia.
  • Baby meal
  • Bland meal
  • Child meal - recommended from 2 to 12 years old
  • Diabetic meal
  • Gluten free meal - photos are above.
  • Hindu meal
  • Japanese meal
  • Kosher
  • Regal kosher (JFK-TLV) - only for JFK and TVL (which I have no idea what they are)
  • Low fat / low cholesterol / low calorie meal
  • Low sodium
  • Muslim meal
  • Toddler meal - they are easier for a toddler to eat with parents supervision.
  • Vegetarian (vegan) meal
  • Vegetarian (lacto-ovo)

I know this post is in Portuguese, but in case you want to check the photos, this was a gluten free meal flying from Brazil with Delta again. Experiência de refeição sem glúten no voo Delta.

Other English gluten free posts are:

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