abril 05, 2015

Higher vitamin D, how to do it?

Not everyday is a good day with a disease like that, but I needed to share this little achievement.

My vitamin D levels were 73 even after a cold winter in the Carolinas.

The ingredients and recipe is below for you to try.

- Good quality of vitamin D3, around 5000 UI per night, sublingual.

- Magnesium oil, each night as they work together, and also helped with headaches.

- Olive oil, a lot, only good quality, each meal, don't be afraid to use it (go here to know how find about quality).

- Sun, each day (or almost), 15 to 20 minutes, on my legs, feet, arms, or where I could get some, no sunblock at all.

I'm also taking other supplements, and again, they are all good quality, but high price sometimes. Gluten free, corn free, lactose free, and sugar free too. Plus each meal was made with real food, organic fruits, dark green vegetables, grass fed meat, cage free eggs, and just enough water per day.

My calcium was also higher, after years of the range.

This is how the before and after looks like.

Vitamin D - before 29 - today 73
Calcium - before 8.2 - today 9.2

Yes you can!

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