outubro 07, 2015

Frozen shoulder update and ideas for exercises.

Fixing frozen shoulder is about moving the arm. They all agree!

After many months suffering with this disease I almost thought I won't be able to have my movements back to normal. Then a I had a few months (at least 3) of physical therapy at Proaxis with mediocre results, and big bills.

So, I try a different patch. I decided to visit a shoulder specialized doctor and I do more of an effective physical therapy. Finally, I'm 2 weeks out of doctor's visits and physical therapy. Now I have the best advices for others who are suffering with this frozen shoulder thing.

1. If you are in Greenville, SC area, I recommend you go see Doctor W. Clark Jernigan, M. D. from Piedmont Orthopaedic.

2. Now, if you live near to that Piedmont Orthopaedic facility, I rightly recommend you go to their back yard to work with those guys at Cora Health Services, Roper Mountain Ext Rd. Lovely staff ladies, and great professionals making the best combo for healthy shoulder.

3. Disclaimer. I don't recommend you doing anything without your doctor or physical therapist knowledge, but these are some exercises I've done. They had help me, and may inspire you to get your movements back.

a) Active assistive external rotation

With elbow tucked at side and palm facing in, rotate hand out to side without moving elbow.
Keep elbow bent at 90'. Repeat 10 times for 5 seconds. Do it 2 times a day. 

b) Internal rotation stretch

Keep a good posture, use a pillow if needed.
Start with 10 times, holding 5 seconds, and doing 2 times a day.

c) Progressive resistive exercises external rotation (side lying)

Raise arm up toward ceiling. Keep elbow bent and in at side.
Repeat 20 times with zero pounds.
Do it 2 sessions per day.

d) Range of motion exercises, wand activities, abduction

Holding wand with involved side palm up, push wand directly out from your side with uninvolved side (palm down) until you feel a stretch. Repeat 10 times, hold for 5 seconds, 2 times a day.

Use a band for a variety of pull exercises. 30 times each, twice a day.

Actually that wasn't that difficult for me
It was more like a fun resting movement between those hard core pullings.

e) Some stretches

Pectoralis major stretch, on the corner. 30 seconds each position.

Also good for stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat 5 times,

I sincerely recommend you check with your doctor and physical therapist before you start doing any exercises. My experience showed me that is also better doing those home exercises first thing in the morning, and right after... "ice, ice baby... ice, ice baby" (singing and dancing). 18 minutes or until you feel numb.

Read the first post to know more about my journey. I don't always get a disease, but when I do it's something with a weird name.

After all I hope may help others like you and me!

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