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These things only exist in Brazil, but they have international names.

Curious and fun facts about Brazil

Brazil is very unique about food, and I'm not talking about those food that you only can find in Brazil soil. Let's see some examples.

French bread
French bread (pão francês) is a staple breakfast food.

During the 19 century the Brazilian bread used to be made from a whole wheat, which means it's a dark bread. After the First World War many Brazilians come back home asking the bakers to prepare a bread with a white interior, but a golden exterior. This is called French bread in Brazil, but no one in France will know what you are talking about if you try to buy it there.

Greek rice

Greek rice (arroz à grega) gives rice a potpourri of color.

No one knows who invented this name, or where it was used for the first time in Brazil. Fact is, Brazilians will call this colorful rice as Greek rice for no reason.

Chinese pastry

Chinese pastry (pastel chinês) is another Brazilian creation.

A few hypotheses for a delicious dish that you will never find in China. The two best explanations are: 1. this was created from a fried gyoza, or 2. a Brazilian cooker was trying to make a fancy Chinese spring roll. Anyway, this still yummy.

Nederland pie

Nederland pie (torta holandesa) was also invented in Brazil.

A baker missing the years she used to live in Europe created this sweet pie in Campinas, near to Sao Paulo city. It's a surprising mix of creamed milk, chocolate and cookie served cold.

Want to see another food that only exists in Brazil? The trunk grape which last one day only, the jaboticaba

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The Beco do Batman at Sao Paulo city

Fazendo arte no Beco do Batman em São Paulo - in Portuguese, but the video uses an international language =)

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