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The 3rd Graffiti Fine Art in Sao Paulo city

The 3rd Graffiti Fine Art in Sao Paulo, May 2015. Tiger by Viber from Belo Horizonte.

The 3rd Graffiti Fine Art happened in Sao Paulo last May at Pavilhao das Culturas Brasileiras, Ibirapuera Park.

This city is known for its urban art as you may like to see here, or something more body expressive in here.

Back to graffiti art exhibition, it had artist from Japan, United States, England, Chile, Argentina and, of course many others from various Brazilians states. I was there, and I can tell you this time the show was higher in prestige mainly because it was moved to the Pavilion in the biggest urban park at Sao Paulo city.

Enough talking, let's see some pics.

Tinho from Sao Paulo.
Close up, Tinho from Sao Paulo.

The beauty of urban art was kept at the exhibition, few pieces were done while the visitors were walking around.
Besouros e Borboletas (beatles and butterflies) by Narcélio Grud from Fortaleza.

Textures by Gen Duarte from Sao Paulo.

Gen Duarte from Sao Paulo.

Gen Duarte from Sao Paulo.

The amazing 3D effect by Tasso from Germany.

Urban art isn't street art if you don't see political subjects. 

Alexandre Keto from Sao Paulo. To the dead in Garissa, Kenya.

Bugre from Sao Paulo. About the corruption in Brazil.

The water issue in Brazil by Mundano from Sao Paulo.

This was the free bus you could ride from some specifics points in the city to get the Ibirapuera park.

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