julho 22, 2015

Bastille Days in the Southern US, a celebration.

Happy Bastille Days

Greenville is a unique Southern city with a great variety of cultures. The French culture is part of it, and this weekend we celebrate the Bastille Days in the city with many events.

Besides the 100 Fahrenheit temperature that only who lives in the South knows it, my pics from everything that I saw was the lady selling lavender products as the small plant for you to grow at home. 

Types of lavender that you can grow in the South.
A few healing effects of lavender are:

1. Polyphenols in lavender reduces poor digestion caused by bad bacteria.

2. It also lowers your blood pressure, making you relax easily.

3. Use a few dried flowers at night to help with insomnia.

4. It's used as anti-inflammatory for mosquitoes bites reducing itching, swelling, and redness. 

5. Antiseptic properties for minor burns.

6.  Lavender oil helps with flakes!

7. Switch your smelly car for a Lavender vehicle.

8. Need more? Make luxurious floral arrangements.

Lavender for cooking is different from the ornamental one. 

Click on the pic to enlarge The Lavender Growers Association Guide.

A perennial herb used for scents and much more!

Visit their website to know more about this aromatic herb.
Lavender soap and sachets I loved it.

Visit their Facebook page here.
Other interesting pics from the last day of Bastille Festival you see below.

The Poodle Parade

One winner from the Parade is this white woofer.

A magician making all kids laugh.

The famous Southern lemonade, and this unique chair.

Kids waiting for the Dance Festival.

Let's Dance
Let us know you experience on the Bastille Festival this week.

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