julho 16, 2015

I don't always get a disease, but when I do it's something with a weird name.

That's right, I don't always get a disease, but when I do I get those creepy ones. Adhesive Capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder.

It's very common for various autoimmune diseases. In those cases the recovery rate is high and fast. Different than Diabetes when the recovery is slow, very slow. Well, these are 5 tips the orthopedic doctor gave me. He also promised that next visit his 10 minutes explanatory video will be on YouTube.

1. Activity

Do it! Even if is sore. Use the arm for mid and high level activities.

2. Physical Therapy

It helps! If after all it's sore, you can use ice at home, 18 minutes, or until you feel it numb.

3. Home Exercises

Don't forget your home work. If it's sore... ice again.

4. Cortisone Injections

They work better on males. He doesn't know why they can't do the same for females.

5. Medication

NSAIDs are good for a week, or max 10 days, but only if it's helping.

This video explains what is going on behind the skin. I'll show the therapist next time, and ask for an opinion on this neck/shoulder issue.

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