junho 23, 2014

Jack, the jackfruit

Curious and fun facts about Brazil

Jack, the jackfruit.

Jackfruit you will find across the US in the Asian market, but what you don't find here is the tree with the actual fruit as we used to see in Brazil.

Original from Malayan archipelago it's introduced in Brazil in the 18 century from Portugueses. This is a big fruit with a strong smell, and a stick latex like inside those sections. It has plenty nutritional value for you.

In 100g of pulp  you will find 

  • 87.9 calories
  • 2.4 g fibers
  • 1.4 g proteins
  • 22.5 carbohydrates
  • 234 mg Potassium 
  • 40 mg Magnesium
  • 15 mg Vitamin C
  • 14 mg Calcium
  • 14 mg Phosphorus
  • and Vitamins B1, B6, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Sodium.

Knowing as a heavy fruit, in both ways, a fruit can reach 30 pound easily. Is smart to avoid eating with sugar, salt or right before bed time. Some trees keep producing even after 100 years old.

The jackfruit is use in many illness as PMS, respiratory issues, sore through, and skin conditions. Full of antioxidants is also recognized as a anti-cancer, MS, and related aging problems. Even the cooked seeds can be eaten to treat anemia because they are rich in Iron. Try to boil with water and salt, or bake if you prefer.

This is how you will find the fruit in the US market.

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A real fruit bar, just what you need.

Isabela: Brazilian, designer, works with automotive fabrics in the US. She did psychology college as well and had enjoyed a lot. She is living abroad for while, maybe because this she likes trends, cultures and behaviors.

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