junho 03, 2014

A real fruit bar, just what you need.

Brand new real fruit bar from Trader Joe's, finally something similar what we find in Brazil. You can see more about what I'm talking about in what I like about you, banana bars.

Not sure if they have more flavors, but those were what we got. Apple + mango, apple + strawberry, apple + banana, and apple + coconut. And I must say that apple+coconut is a must. It has a delicious coconut texture besides the apple softness, and isn't dry.

Saving the best for the end... no reactions so far. 

Go forward, girl!

They say two's company and three's a crowd. No crowds in here!
Open this wrapper to enjoy the good company of just two wholesome ingredients:
Apple & Coconut. Clean and simple! VEGAN - RAW - PAREVE

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Food solutions for gluten-free people, get your magazine now!

Punching the gluten

Healthy avocado beet smoothie

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