maio 11, 2016

Two cities, two Brazilian restaurants one great food!

Tucanos in Greenville at Magnolia Park, and Amor de Brazil in Charlotte at 74 and 51 intersection.

Let's review our findings from last couple weekends.

Two cities - Greenville vs. Charlotte

Two Brazilian restaurants - Tucanos vs. Amor de Brazil

Starting with cities, Charlotte has more things to do, but Greenville is much more charming. You may like to read more about it in here, although Tucanos restaurant isn't at downtown.

Tucanos is roomy, but they are not yet working in a full capacity. Amores is smaller, but has plenty room for you and your friends.

Talking about music, both have a variety of Brazilian music playing, not that I care for the style they choose on these places.

Directly to the subject, both names are very Brazilian. Amor de Brazil means love from Brazil, and Tucanos are those birds with the long colorful beaks.

Both places are steakhouses and they serve grilled meat or, as we say in Brazil, churrasco in a traditional Brazilian way which means those chucky pieces of meat keep passing by each table with a green signal on. You will only understand if you have being to one of those before.

A tucano at Tucanos' façade and the red/green flag for more or less meat.

BTW, both have the very traditional sign you use to "say" either YES, Sir. I want some more! or NO, I'm full as ballons on the Macy's parade.

Both can accommodate gluten free folks, just ask them about the sauces on the meat. They also can accommodate vegetarians, in case you need to follow your family or friends. In this case, I highly recommend you try the grilled pineapple. Yummy

Both have a salad buffet as complimentary to the meat walking around the empty plates.

Both have other Brazilian dishes as white rice and black beans. Tucanos had also some sushi rolls - what? Yes, we have this is Brazil too.

Both have cheese rolls or cheese bread - pão de queijo as we say in Brazil.

Both have the most famous soda you'll find in Brazil, Guaraná Antártica.

Palm hearts at Amor and rare meat at Tucanos.

Both have chicken hearts - sorry Americans, we do eat offal over there. Although in Amor de Brazil we had to ask for it, but they were glad to prepare just for us.

Both have quail eggs on the salad bar - yes, we do eat those too.

I didn't see palm hearts at Tucanos, but maybe I was distracted by the top sirloin - picanha.

Talking about picanha, hubby sad it was softer in Amor de Brazil, but both were great in my opinion. Just in case you wonder, neither place has a big fat cover on the top sirloin as we see in Brazil.

Let's talk more about drinks, Amor only has can juices, but Tucanos has fresh ones. Just like you used to drink in Brazil.

Desserts, Tucanos don't had brigadeiro, but had papaya flan with cassis liquor. Amor had some good sweets as well, although I didn't care for any at that time.

Let's go to numbers, Amor de Brazil cost $35 per person and Tucanos $23. Because Tucanos is near home, it's the winner of the day!

Now it's your time to make your opinion known. Have you being to any Brazilian steakhouse?

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