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Is God necessary for morality? Debate – Shelly Kagan vs. William Lane Craig

by Edison Villela
Dr. William Lan Craig and Dr. Shelly Kagan (on the right).

In this debate, Dr. Shelly Kagan and Dr. William Lan Craig will be defending their ideas on morality and their take on the question: “Is God necessary for morality?”.

Dr. Kagan is a Philosophy Professor at Yale University, mostly know for his writings on Moral Philosophy and his course on Death.

Dr. William Lan Craig is a Philosopher, Theologian and Christian Apologist. Known for his debates about the existence of God with such figures as Christopher Hitchens and Lawrence M. Krauss.

This is a great example of what and how a debate is supposed to be, a fine source of arguments for those who defend the necessity of God for a moral behavior, or those who think God is outright unnecessary.

Many times, debaters tend to drift away from the subject or forget that a debate is about discussing ideas, not personal attack. You are not getting any of this here. It’s a fine example of a first-rate, civil and admirable exchange of arguments between two gentlemen and well-prepared scholars.

Watch this debate on the video below.

William Lane Craig vs. Shelly Kagan Debate: Is God Necessary for Morality?

Columbia University, 24 February 2009.

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