março 18, 2015

Il Porcellino, in the United States.

What's in common between Greenville, South Carolina and Italy?

Il Porcellino!

The talian "piglet" is a bronze fountain in Florence. The Southern pig is a bronze fountain in Greenville downtown. 
Il Porcellino, Florence, Italy.

The Italian was sculpted and cast before 1634, following a marble Italian copy of a Hellenistic marble original. Although the original was found in Rome, it was removed to Florence in the mid-16th century by the Medici family.

Il Porcellino, United States.

The Southern sculpture was given to Greenville by young friends of Florence in October of 2011. Legend said that if you place a coin  in the mouth and it falls into the grade below, your wish will be granted. Also, rubbing his nose will bring you good luck and guarantee a return trip to "Il Porcelino".

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