março 21, 2016

Corn in a Publix walnut, how is it possible?

Clearwater beach at Tampa Bay.

Spring is around the corner and I've decided to go see Tampa bay before a longer trip to Florida. It was good, but my issues with food were there as well.

As always, I read the label before eating anything. Mainly in a trip. Even if I'm traveling for work. Why? I don't want to get any reaction that will make me miss a flight for example. Back to the point I was talking, a great light come to my mind about previous reactions eating nuts in many salads.

Why walnuts need corn oil? Freshness and allergy.
I'm pretty and dangerous.

Too bad for me!

But at least, now I know why I reacted.

It was all white on the eggs' shelves, wait, look again...

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