maio 28, 2015

O uso de phrasal verbs e um pouco da minha vinda para os Estados Unidos.

How I come to Greenville?

I will tell you about the invitation to come to the U.S. to get my story acrossI was born in Minas Gerais, but I used to live Sao Paulo until the director of the design studio traveled to Brazil.

She got out of the airplane in our biggest city called Sao Paulo.

She got on a cab at the Guarulhos airport...

to get together with some of our customers for a Automotive Trends Presentation.

When we got to customer Design building...

the customer gets to some people because they were using the reserved meeting room.

Anyway, we had a very good meeting. Before we get through with the day she invited me for a 3 years VISA to work with her in the USA.

I was surprised, and I only could say "let me think about, but probably yes". Then, she got off my car at the airport and...

started to get ideas out of my mind, and now I’m living in Greenville.

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  1. Post muito legal, inteligente e bem humorado! Didático também!


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