janeiro 31, 2015

Sweatshop, fashion in hell.

Following the path of the movie China Blue, this TV channel send three Norwegian youths out into the world to meet the people who sew their clothes. They are fashion bloggers who spend a lot on money with this dead industry.

In Cambodia they meet young people who live - this is the exactly word - sewing the same right shoulder sleeve for 14 years.

_ "Their bodies are used to do this kind of work everyday." One of those girls saying.

_ "They never saw anything better, so for them must no be so hard." Says the youngest.

_ "After a bad sleeping, bad eating, and many hours working I'm dizzy". Explain the only boy of this group.

The workers' protest is for a $160 a month, what means 60 more they receive today, or $3  a day. It isn't enough for buying food, and I'm not talking about good quality food at all. For buying a jacket that have sewing all day long, the Cambodian lady needs to work a whole year.

Here you see all videos with English subtitles.

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